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[The Germanic Holy Clan]
[It seems like people don’t know these three existed… They appeared in canon; from the left, Hesse, Saxony, and Bavaria.]
"Gentlemen - you two chat for the entire day and did nothing else; are you here to hunt or to have a gossiping tea party!?"

Illustrated by Fidelio on weibo.  Captions above are translations of the illustrator notes on weibo. 

Permission is obtained to upload on tumblr - please do not use this for commercial purpose. 


“Just how widespread the truce was is hard to say. It was certainly not general—there are plenty of accounts of fighting continuing through the Christmas season in some sectors, and others of men fraternizing to the sound of guns firing nearby. One common factor seems to have been that Saxon troops—universally regarded as easygoing—were the most likely to be involved, and to have made the first approaches to their British counterparts. “We are Saxons, you are Anglo-Saxons,” one shouted across no man’s land. “What is there for us to fight about?” The most detailed estimate, made by Malcolm Brown of Britain’s Imperial War Museums, is that the truce extended along at least two-thirds of British-held trench line that scarred southern Belgium.”

A friend drew this Christmas Truce picture for me. I saw this fantastic Hetalia GIF-set of Germany and England in 1914 and of course I read the article about it as well. It’s just a lovely story and it also makes me happy that Saxons were in big numbers involved. So I asked for a Hetalia drawing that also has Saxony in it and here we are. Thank you so much dear for drawing it!

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